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My name is Victoria.

I am an artist, writer, meditation teacher, and spiritual advisor who is living in Haiti with my partner.

I have certifications, experiences, and rites of passages that include; shamanic healing, transpersonal psychotherapy, Holotropic breathwork, Zen meditation, Vodou, Witchcraft, indigenous medicines, traditional & spiritual tattooing, psychedelic therapy, mindfulness, and interfaith counseling. 

I’ve had the privilege to become a volunteer doula, supporting the process of living, stillborn, and aborted births. I’ve had the honor of performing marriage ceremonies as a minister. I have laid hands on, cried with, rejoiced with, danced with, and held clients and associates alike. I’ve witnessed both miracles and possessions.

All of which conspired to bring me to teach, serve, and be present with whomever calls for me.


*I am currently offering meditation teachings, 1-1 spiritual advising, and group work in Haiti.

If inquiring outside of Haiti, online options are 100% available.

To work with me please inquire at

or find me on Instagram @victoriabwikler