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Victoria B Wikler

Copywriter & Mindfulness teacher



I write for nonprofit organizations & I help build brands for social good .

 I advocate for my clients through empathy-based writing, mindfulness counseling and social media marketing in order to make their missions visible.


Blog Articles & Newsletters

You are a person, not just a business. I write approachable blog posts for your audience to resonate with and to boost your SEO.

Creative Copywriting

Prose, poetry and heart-centered writing is my happy place. I create meaningful, inspirational art posts that your followers want to re-post.


Script Writing & Case Studies

I write explainer videos, IGTV videos, YouTube videos and presentation scripts to help you speak out with an identifiable  brand voice.

Ebooks and Infographics

I create, write and design brochures, e-books, infographs, booklets and informative resources on a case-by-case basis.

Pitch Decks & Mission Statements

I work with you and your team to write engaging, illustrated, beautiful pitch decks and presentation scripts that empower your mission. 

SEO Strategy & Website Copy

Incorporate strategic engagement and boost your client base by optimizing your brand’s visibility on


Active Clients

Stories Told

Cups of Coffee Shared

 A great copywriter takes a voice and turns it into

a community.

(real talk)


Boost Donor Retention

(a.k.a. Don’t Be A Bad Friend)

Have you ever had that friend who only talks to you when they need something? Yeah.. Let me help you NOT be that person.

Repetitive giving is directly funneled from well-written copy (aka the way we engage with our community.) The key to retaining donors is to create copy that doesn’t just ask for engagement when it’s time to fundraise. 

Newsletters, campaign letters, thank you notes, invitations, blog posts, surveys and case stories are great examples of copy that can help engage your audience and keep your mission statements relevant. 

If you are in the beginning stages of building a brand for your nonprofit and you don’t have a solid mission statement, don’t sweat it, we’ll create one! 

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Increase Online Giving

Life lesson: Reciprocity is an on-going action, not a one-time promise. In order to build trust, we need our actions to show it.

In recent years, small, local, and niche organizations have experienced the largest fundraising growth while large scale organizations are drowning behind the curtain. One reason is because large-scale organizations tend to promise big social rewards a few times a year whereas small organizations dish out small rewards to local communities daily.

Blogs, Social Media Posts, and IGTV & YouTube Videos with relatable scripts are the voice of your brand that speaks to your audience in between donation times. Additionally, free gifts and rewards like newsletters, e-books, info-graphs, Spotify playlists, and challenges are all things that a copywriter can create to increase engagement and boost the incentive to give.

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Recruit An Audience That Wants To Win Your Battles

You don’t want followers. You want community to walk along side of you & carry your voice in their hearts.

Volunteers are an organization’s most important asset. Organizations should seem approachable enough for a fan to DM them on Instagram and ask for a volunteer position. Again, you shouldn’t ask for volunteers only when you need something. Giving your audience a sense of base-level purpose not only amps up your SEO but it creates a family around your mission.

Copywriting is more than writing trendy and pretty text. Strategic, compassionate and smart copy can amplify your mission, empower your audience, and work while you sleep. 

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Features and partnerships

Partner & Speaker (2020) 
African Women in Technology (AWIT)

Presenter & Speaker (2019) 
Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)

Women in tech summit in partnership with google

Copywriter & Creative Director (2019 – Present)
FXG Technology, VR “For Good”

Educator, Partner, & Presenter (2018 – Present)

Asian Arts Initiative (AAI)

Guest Podcast Episode (2019)

Embrace the animal YouTube


Brand Designer, Copywriter, Social Media Marketing, Co Founder (2018 – 2019)

SWS Apothecary

Co Founder, Creative Director, Copywriter, Event Curator, & Installation Architect (2018)

Dark Matter Productions in partnership with Chakrubs

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